Best ESG Report

The Best ESG Report award recognizes organizations that showcase the best practices within their industry on ESG reporting, with outstanding performance in all criteria, including a long-term ESG strategy that drives the company towards a sustainable business. This award is divided into large-, mid- and small-cap divisions according to the market capitalization of the organizations.

Large market capitalization: >HK$30 billion

Middle market capitalization: HK$5 billion – HK$30 billion

Small market capitalization: <HK$5 billion

Please note that the calculation should be as at your company’s recent financial year-end date. Should the date fall on a public holiday, please use the last working day before your financial year-end date.


Best Sustainability Report for Non-listed Company

This award is opened for reports of non-listed companies, recognizing their excellent performance on all criteria, including reporting on sustainability strategy, management approach and practices.


Best GRI Report

Best GRI Report is awarded to organizations that adopt the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Standards, showing excellence not only in adhering to GRI reporting principles and requirements but also displaying the best practices in sustainability governance, materiality assessment, stakeholder engagement, setting targets, reporting performance on supply chain, etc.


Excellence in ESG Governance (New Category)

Excellence in ESG Governance is awarded to companies that has strong involvement and commitment from the leadership especially the Board of Directors in managing ESG matters, including managing ESG risks and opportunities, setting and reviewing goals, evaluating the company’s ESG performance.


Excellence in Environmental Positive Impact (New Category)

Replacing the “Excellence in Environmental Disclosure”, this award recognize companies that demonstrates not only have comprehensive disclosure on environmental performance and risk mitigation but also bringing positive impact to the environment at the operating location and the wider value chain. Winners should demonstrate outstanding future-looking strategies, actions taken and quantifiable results in contributing to resolve pressing environmental challenges locally or globally.


Excellence in Social Positive Impact (New Category)

Excellence in Social Positive Impact is awarded to companies that goes beyond social compliance, making effort through the company’s operation in creating value to the members of the society including employees, suppliers, customers and the local community. Winning companies should show how such opportunities were identified and how the initiatives bring quantifiable impact to the society and progress towards an inclusive, healthy and coherent society.