The Hong Kong ESG Reporting Awards are committed to the guiding principles of Integrity, Objectivity, Impartiality and Transparency.

Core Criteria


Forward-looking ESG/sustainability strategy integrated with business strategy

Performance Targeting

Set measurable and time-bound targets on important KPIs and reported on plans, initiatives and progress in achieving them


Strong involvement and commitment from the board of directors in leading the organization to manage sustainability risks and opportunities and achieve its sustainability goals


Concise and easy to understand, with appropriate use of graphs, links and innovative presentation approach

Materiality and stakeholder engagement

Describe the process and address the most significant impacts and issues concerned by stakeholders


Transparent, honest account on the organization’s ESG performance including risks, shortcomings and noncompliance, with plans and solutions towards improvement

Disclosure of management approach

Relevant management approach, initiatives, results achieved, and its evaluation, presented in a balance and coherent manner, going beyond minimum disclosure level


Bonus points for reports that seek third party assurance, adopted Framework, UN SDGs, TCFD Framework and/or other international sustainability standards and initiatives

Specific Criteria

Apply to entries for Excellence in Environmental Positive Impact and Excellence in Social Positive Impact.

• Identified risks and opportunities within its operations and along its value chain where value can be created
• Demonstrated the long-term strategy in making an impact in resolving environmental challenges or progressing towards a coherent and healthy society
• Disclosed actions taken with quantifiable results, scope of impact, targets and future plans of the initiatives