The 2018 Hong Kong ESG Reporting Awards will be offered in 5 categories. Participating organisations may submit entries to multiple categories. Description of each category is provided below.

Best ESG Report

The Best ESG Report award recognizes organizations that showcase the best practices within their industry on ESG reporting, with outstanding performance in all criteria. This award is divided into large, medium and small cap divisions according to the market capitalization of the organizations.


Excellence in GRI Report

The Best GRI Report is awarded to organizations that adopt the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), showing excellence not only in adhering to GRI reporting principles and requirements but also displaying best practices in sustainability governance, materiality assessment, stakeholder engagement, setting targets, reporting performance on supply chain, etc.


Excellence in Sustainability Report for Non-listed Company

This award is opened for reports of non-listed companies, recognizing their excellent performance on identifying sustainability risks and reporting on sustainability strategy, management approach and practices.


Excellence in Environmental Disclosure

This award is to recognize reports that demonstrates environmental stewardship by providing comprehensive disclosure on their environmental performance. The winning report should demonstrate strategic integration of environmental considerations in all aspects of operation, with relevant data, initiatives, targets and performance disclosed.


Innovative Frontrunner Award

This award is to honour reports that go beyond the norm, running at the forefront in ESG reporting and sustainability. Reports will be given credit for particular areas including participating and reporting on global initiatives such as SDGs, adopting Integrated Reporting (IR) model, displaying efforts and results on transforming the organization’s value chain, as well as engaging in social investments, etc.