Terms and Conditions

  1. Entries

HERA is open to companies in Hong Kong, Macau and Greater China. Only most recently published report will be accepted. Entries must be submitted by filling in the Entry Form which can be downloaded from the Hong Kong ESG Reporting Awards (HERA) webpage at www.hkesgawards.com

  1. Entry Fee

The fee schedule is provided in the Entry Form. Entries without accompanying entry fee will not be accepted.

  1. Payment

An invoice along with payment guidelines will be sent to the registered email address provided upon receiving a completed entry form.

  1. Confirmation

Once full payment is received and verified, a confirmation email will be sent out to the registered email address. Applications will be sent to the judging panel for review only after verification of entry fee.

  1. Multiple entries

Companies interested in applying for multiple categories can do so by filling in a single entry form. Companies can submit up to four entries.

  1. Bank Charges

If payment is via bank transfer, all applicable bank charges will be borne by the sender. Entries received with short payment will be delayed and will not be sent for judging.

  1. Taxes and Levies

All taxes and levies incurred (as applicable in the participating organisation’s country of origin) are to be borne fully by the participating organisation.

  1. Evaluation of Reports

Only publicly available reports and ESG information will be considered for judging. Information provided in the Entry Form will be taken into consideration.  ESG information which is not publicly disclosed or available will not be accepted as a basis for judging. The evaluation of entries is strictly limited to the quality of the report and is in no way a representation of any kind of the participating organisation’s sustainability credentials or practices.

In no way does Alaya Consulting assume any responsibility for the reliability of any product or service of the participating organisations and the reliance on our services as a full or partial basis for conducting business.

  1. Judging

Entries will be assessed by an independent panel of judges. The decision of the judging panel is final and we will not enter into any correspondence regarding the outcome or the judging process. The decision of the judges is purely from his or her personal perspectives after following the judging criteria.

Each judge shall report any conflict of interest to the organiser and will be abstained from judging the entries concerned to ensure the neutrality and fairness of the adjudication.

  1. Use of HERA Logo

Winners are eligible to refer themselves as “Winner”. The winners will receive a HERA logo (of their respective accomplishment titles) to use on their website and other promotional material as a proof of their sustainability excellence.

  1. Awards Ceremony

All participating companies are invited to be part of the Award Ceremony to be held on 20 November 2020 in Hong Kong. An admission fee will be charged to cover the costs. All attendees will be required to complete a registration form before the applicable RSVP deadline.

12. Damages, loss, liabilities or Injuries

Alaya Consulting cannot be held responsible for any damages, loss, liabilities or injuries incurred as a result of participation.

13. General

Alaya Consulting reserves the right to amend the Awards Ceremony including cancellation or change in location, and/or dates of the event without prior notice. Alaya Consulting shall not be held liable for any loss caused by the changes/ cancellation of the event where such alteration is due to force majeure.

14. Personal Data

All privacy related matters are subjected to Alaya Consulting’s Privacy Policy.

For more information about the Awards, please visit our website www.hkesgawards.com or contact us at:

Email: hera@alayaconsulting.com.hk

Tel: +852 3990 0792